• GoFreight Mobile
    A complete mobile freight management solution.
  • GoFreight Management Portal
    A complete freight management portal.

Advantages of Go Freight and Go Freight Mobile

At MOGO Labs we strive to deliver the best technology solutions for your needs. Providing business and systems integration, freight management, dispatching and mobile endpoints to meet all your business needs.

  1. Build Manifests

    Build your manifests and dispatch them to your drivers in real-time.

  2. Mobile

    iOS and Android ready. You choose.

  3. Editing Jobs and Manifest

    Ability to edit and update in real-time

  4. Systems and Business Integration


    We can integrate and automate with your systems as required.

  5. Development

    We have 15 years experience behind us and a team of developers, so if you need something, we can do it.