• Address Management

    Having incorrect or inconsistent data for addresses limits your ability to analyse your capacity, laneways and better allocate work to subbies. In addition, without good address management your ability to consolidate drops and loads or to apply specific rating rules, surcharges or even manage pallet inventory is all but impossible. With MOGO we have you covered, the system validates and consolidates address’s ensuring one correct address is utilised across all freight payers and jobs.

  • Pallet Management

    Pallet management can be a very expensive thing to get wrong, and getting it right often involves hours of admin and paperwork. With MOGO we can manage the movements and reporting of your Loscam and Chep assets. By setting up rules on sites, carriers and distribution centres we know where you need to transfer, exchange or ignore. Our mobility app for your drivers also allows the capture of these events in real time ensuring any anomalies in balances can be traced, understood, and remedied.

  • Pricing and Costing

    Our rating engine is second to none. We can rate On Load, Order, Laneways, Destinations, Fleet type, Scheduled or Pro Rata, Courier or Container. With a separate surcharge engine, we can ensure revenue maximisation on Rural deliveries, Loading fees, Tail lifts, Urgent orders or Weekend Work, to name but a few. In addition to Auto Rating your freight for clients, we can utilise the same power for your subbies, along with allowing complete reverse billing (BCTI) and costing of your fleet. GRI’s are managed on a rule basis, allowing many GRI’s to be created and applied to any combination of customer, rate card or work type, whilst always keeping a complete history of every rate for every client to review or reference, at any stage.

  • Customer Portal

    Your customers want access to real time information, sometimes it is simply entering a job or looking up a POD or delivery status. However they may want to see live telematics, revenue reporting, DIFOT, or have a fully customised environment specific to their needs. With MOGO you get a fully customised customer Portal, your customer never has to navigate your TMS but rather has an environment centred on their needs that is intuitive and reinforces your value proposition to them.

  • Managing the Simple to the Complex

    Whether you are focused on direct deliveries and single order freight or operate multiple depots and cross-dock LCL freight, several times to deliver for your clients, run your fleet in combination with subbies or always have a 3rd party manage the last mile we can manage the dispatch, provide seamless manifesting and offer a user experience tailored to the nature of your task. Freight will transit from depot to depot and never be lost sight of in the system. Need to utilise API’s, EDI’s, or emails to send C-Notes or Manifests to a subbie? We have you covered with a simple, intuitive UI designed to manage any level of complexity with your freight.

  • Simple & Intuitive User Experience

    MOGO uses a simple and intuitive interface so you spend less time learning our solution and more time making better decisions. Users who are used to the modern way of interacting online will find the solution a familiar place to be. With extensive use of visual planning and drag and drop functionality we ensure fast and accurate workflows for your business.

  • Custom Routes & Zones

    Fast and efficient dispatch decision making is where a good day begins. Having a system that is optimal for a dispatcher creates good decisions that flow throughout your whole business and ultimately lead to better margin and a happier freight payer. At MOGO we understand this and have designed our solution from this starting point. You can configure rules around route allocation, pre-determine manifesting decisions based on delivery point, or simply group all you freight by laneway. In turn we can then show you revenue, utility and volume per Route, track over time and show if the decisions your team make every day are the right ones.

  • Metrics and Bi Reporting

    What gets measured gets done – This is truer for transport then most industries. Without a robust understanding of our metrics and performance KPI’s it becomes very hard to know what to change and then if that change is working. We have developed our solution to support a metrics driven carrier. We offer industry leading fully embedded metrics, with both a standard suite of reports and the ability to custom configure reporting for your specific instance. Some of your team will need utility and planning data, others revenue and freight payer comparisons, and some DIFOT and POD performance. We can give each user the view they need to optimise their role and nothing they do not. Our team has significant experience in commercial management, pricing and optimisation for the transport industry and will work with your team to ensure a better understanding of your business every day.

  • Pricing, BCTI & GRI Management

    Pricing can be hard. There are so many variables, customers can be inflexible on the way rates are to be applied. At MOGO we have this covered, whether it is the template upload of existing rate cards saving you time, the ability to build rates to a specific address level, define the specific sites that attract surcharges or apply different rates for different days, Trucks, or modes we can do it. The interface is simple to understand but the outcomes as complex as you need. When it comes to your subbies we can deploy the full power of our rating engine but on the cost side of your ledger. Generating costed manifests and allowing your business to have full control on what you pay your subbies. And of course, we will then keep you fully informed on the subbie margins and where you need to focus.

    Once you have your rating just how you want it the next hurdle is completing your GRI’s or updating rates. Our solution allows you easily migrate customers from one structure to another for example from Pro-Rata to a Schedule. When applying GRI’s you can do so to one or many rates cards, customers, specialty rates or work types or any combination of these. We maintain a full and user accessible history of rates cards and our audit feature ensures you always know when something changed an who changed it.

This is transport intelligence, created by transport people – and designed for you.