Our Story

Running a profitable, efficient business in the transport industry keeps getting harder and harder. Between runs going out without full loads, 4PLs trying to drive down costs, and clients demanding more modern systems, it can feel like profits keep disappearing while the pressure keeps rising. More trucks might seem like the answer – but often, they just add to the hassles.
But there is a better way – and it all comes down to visibility.
That’s where MOGO comes in.
We’re not techies; we’re transport operators who found we were losing money on one of our biggest clients and figured there had to be a better (and less painful!) way. MOGO was the answer – giving us the intelligence and visibility to understand that the way we were operating just didn’t work.
That visibility enabled us to become more efficient, reduce overheads, and become more profitable while saving our client money. In other words, we created a win-win for the client and us – just because we had the data to prove it.
Now, we want you to get the same level playing field that we did so you can stay relevant, retain clients, and become more profitable.
This is transport intelligence, created by transport people.

Meet the team behind MOGO

Simon Hepburn

Managing Director, Shareholder


Simon has a financial background but has been in operational and leadership roles for the last 15 years.

He has a deep understanding of the commercials of running a transport business, best process, utility and the optimisation of capital.

When he first came to NZ, he worked as a commercial and operations manager for Fletcher Steel. This gave him an introduction to their carriers and a relationship with Mackley Carriers.  

In 2010 I took an ownership stake and the role of GM. After five years at Mackleys, I moved onto the role of CEO at NZL group, followed by the COO role at Hilton Haulage Group.

Simon has always known what he wanted from a TMS operationally and from a reporting and metrics perspective.

It has always been true that a poor dispatch decision and lack of insight hinders our ability to make profitable decisions across a fleet in a timely and customer-focused manner.

Whilst Simon has used many TMS systems, they all fell short of what he needed at the time or what the customer expected.

When the opportunity came to invest in MOGO, it was time to walk the talk and try and build a solution that was the correct fit for the NZ transport sector.

Dave Snell

GM, Shareholder


Dave started his career in warehousing 25 years ago with a role at DB breweries.

After five years in Auckland, he moved to Christchurch for a position in retail.

However, the appeal of the transport sector saw him back in an operational role in warehousing at Canterbury Brewery.

During this time, Dave became interested in merging systems to manage logistics and moved to Toll and Move Logistics in roles that blended his technical IT skills and operational nous.

Dave is the father of MOGO, having written the very first instance, and has a broad range of experience in both systems and operations.

His enthusiasm for the sector and software makes him an indispensable team member who effortlessly communicates with our technical team and our customer’s operational team.

Dave is definitely a people guy, and as such, provides a critical link in ensuring our promise always meets our client expectations.

Carl Drew

Business Intelligence Developer


Carl is a key part of our team as he ensures our analysis and metrics are aligned with the sector’s needs.

He is not a software guy.

He is an experienced supply chain analyst working for a software company.

He brings 20 years of experience in the logistics/transport industry along with roles in operations/management and business systems.

He brings a transport background with skills in analytics/system development/business support with a degree in commerce.

Carl’s career has been spent working directly in transport operations in NZ/Canada/UK.

With over half his time directly working in the Logistics departments for Tesco’s in the UK for two years and Foodstuffs in NZ for eight years heading up their South Island transport operations.

Having a diverse team with exceptional talent to understand and overcome the challenges in the logistics industry will contribute to the ongoing success MOGO is achieving.

John Bishop

Chairman, Shareholder


John has a background in Banking, having held senior roles in the UK and NZ.

After completing time as CEO of the ASB commercial bank, John began a journey investing in business’s and serving as an independent director across many NZ for-profit and not-for-profit entities. 

John brings a broad range of business, governance, and commercial knowledge to our board, having banked many large transport operators over the years and is now a major shareholder in MOGO, Mackley Carriers, NZ Ship, and International Cargo Systems.

John is an unashamed “Numbers Guy” and believes good decisions are supported by good information.

With his involvement with the Transport sector, John found the information available to the carrier and the customer lagged well behind what is expected in other industries.

As such, he has come on board the MOGO team with a real passion for providing a better solution in a sector where the return on capital is critical, and quality real-time decision making is the key to long term success.

This is transport intelligence, created by transport people – and designed for you.